heya guys! so, um, i’ve been really busy… watching hyouka lol

i’m not much of an anime kind of person, i mean, i really enjoy them but it’s so rare for me to find one that i truly love?? anyway, point is, i’m 2 episodes away from finishing hyuka and i super loved the show, and i’m gonna need something else to watch now…

i loved hyouka, vampire knight (<3333 my love for VK, you have no idea<3<3<3) and death note… PLEASE, can you guys recommend me good animes like these that i really liked?


Oh Percy xd

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a series of percy jackson/heroes of olympus edits

CHARACTERS + first pov lines ⇒ J a s o n G r a c e

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The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena and The House of Hades!

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians

first chapters

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What I saw at Barnes and Noble yesterday :)


[They had been playing for an hour already and they only thing Nico was sure of by this point was that Percy Jackson wasn’t listening to him. At all.]

Heh kind of a quickie„ didn’t have time to draw today sflksjlskj, sorry! thanks for the question though, this was fun to think of hehehehe

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"Annabeth’s okay. You gotta cut her some slack. She had a vision telling her to come here, to find a guy with one shoe. That was supposed to be the answer to her problem.(…) She’s been looking for one of our campers, who’s been missing three days,” Butch said. “She’s going out of her mind with worry. She hoped he’d be here.” (…)

"Her boyfriend," Butch said, "A guy named Percy Jackson.”

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- the house of Hades

Can we all just… Percy Jackson?

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Someone wake me up