Percy Jackson According to Google (insp)

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what do you mean this isn’t blood of olympus?

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a quick reyna/thalia comic about their first meeting plus a shit bonus haha sorry

but I really wish that while Nico and Reyna  (and Hedge, but I forgot about him :/ )  are travelling together they end up bumping with the artemis’ hunters

Uhhh, I really like that Idea!

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"It can take people lifetimes to learn that gifts can come in the form of people.” —Anonymous

Happy 21st Birthday Percy! ಥ‿ಥ


Was called to Olympus, er, I mean the Empire State Building today to discuss … important stuff. More later.

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Hello everyone!

So, today i felt the urge do edit something PJO for the first time in forever, like, i really want to photoshop again… BUT, it’s been so long and i have no clue what to do…

If you have any suggestions/requests, please let me know :)


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Annabeth Chase, Color Palette no.

I definitely messed up a few times on this color palette, but it was really fun to learn new techniques and improve my digital painting skills! Thank you to the lovely anon that requested. :)

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So good seeing you here :) come back to us fe, we miss you loads <3

ugh you’re so sweet, i miss y’all a lot as well <3

i honestly feel bad, i only log on tumblr to reblog the pjoshipweeks posts… i really gotta give this blog more attention, especially because BoO is so close <3

i also miss doing editsss, omg i don’t even remember what was the last graphic i posted like???

i promise i’ll try to come back more often :) even though life’s crazy right now, i miss tumblr, i gotta get into it again.


No one would like to get in Annabeth’s way

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  if you were smart, you’d run and protect yourself
      from the  d e m o n  living in the dark.  

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