In drawing a gift for olympiandemigods I accidentally thought of my favorite Jason/Reyna headcanon ever. It goes like this:

When Jason and Reyna were elected as praetors (I don’t know if it was together or separate, but that’s irrelevant) there was a huge party throughout New Rome. Of course, these two were the definition of responsibility—until Dakota whipped out a handle and everything went wild. Reyna only got a bit past buzzed, but Jason was a SERIOUS lightweight and was drunk off just a few shots. In their drunken stupor some lip-smacking occurred. The next morning they both awoke with serious hangovers, but only Reyna remembered what had happened between them the night before. Jason treated her as if nothing had happened (which to him nothing had), but she was constantly thinking about him and the kiss. And Reyna never participated in the drinking games in New Rome after that party. That’s also a thing.

But yeah THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK FE! You made the long waits during the releases of books in the Heroes of Olympus series worthwhile. 

Okay, Andi, seriously? You are the best.

I have this silly smile on my face right now and it will not go away. Thank you so much <3 the fact that such a great artist as you is even participating in my project just BLOWS MY MIND, leave alone the fact that this great artist just drew my otps for me.

You are amazing, thank you for those, thank you for participating in pjoshipweeks, and thank you for being so lovely <3


(also this headcanon omg)


I’m sorry to all my followers but I’m doing what’s better for myself after talking to many friends. I’m in this fandom for 4 years and you want to know some truths?

  • when I was 11, i got so many anon hate from brazilian people in the pjo fandom my mom called the…

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Heroes Of Olympus - A Percy Jackson Challenge 

↳ 2: Favourite HOO Book - The Mark Of Athena (Art)

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The Jackson family portrait as one of two lil’ gifts for olympiandemigods for all her hard work on starting and maintaining pjoshipweeks!

I’ve decidedly named Annabeth and Percy’s children to be Charlie (after Beckendorf) and Lola (because it’s pretty). This makes me happy.

OH MY GOD, ANDI, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the sweetest thing! Oh my goodness i can not believe you, you’re so lovely! Thank you so much, i love this more than i can say <3

(this actually made me feel strangely moved and brought tears to my eyes WHY)




okay, first of all i’m seriously upset because i was out for the entire day and didn’t have the time to edit something for her… so i’ll just use my stupid words, hope that’s okay.

well, i’ve been admiring Burdge for so many years now… all i know is that she was the main reason i started reading Percy Jackson and i’m eternally grateful for that.

Burdge, my dear, you’re my biggest idol around here, i don’t think i ever felt more happy than when you started following me… i still can’t believe you do, like… ugh, anyway, i just want to wish you all the happiness in the word, and thank you for being this great, positive person you are, for always being so nice, and for sharing with us your great, magnificent talent!

WE LOVE YOU GIRL, happy birthday <333


oh my gosh there would be a huge gap in the fandom if you hadn’t read percy jackson, fe. seriously, you contribute so much. i feel like everyone who loves the books, also finds and loves your blog??? that’s the truth. so i can’t believe i helped you find the series. 

i’m so happy to know you, sweetheart! the fact that you look up to me is so humbling. you’re awesome. <333

(i’m just gonna leave this here because i’m going through my text posts and i found this and it honestly made my day 100% better… like, getting this response from someone you admire so much is just amazing… remembering this made me feel warm inside)

I just realized that Blood of Olympus is less than a month away.

bastille - oblivion

Are you going to age with grace?

Are you going to age without mistakes?

art by burdge.

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nico: making my way downtown, walking fast
jason: hey nico wanna talk about it
nico: walking faster

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Older Hazel, she gets through the war and marries Frank and they live happily ever after. (I can wish) 

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